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Band Dryer PVB Belt type complete in all respects as per our standard design and specifications including:

  • Salient Features & Advantages
  • Technical Specifications
  • Six circuits Five Pass of perforated moving belt with rollers, gear box, drive etc,
  • Main Drive (rubber coated) and grooved driven rollers with tensioning arrangement.
  • Drive arrangement with frequency control for the top and bottom circuit.
  • Middle circuit with frequency drive to control residence time.
  • PVB Mesh Belt with ‘V’ guides on either edge to prevent belt run off.
  • Belt support skid plates
  • Cat walk with railings throughout the length of the dryer
  • Panel with windows for inspection and cleaning
  • SS side spillage guards
  • Cleaning brush arrangement (1 HP) for top circuit
  • Spreader drive arrangement (1 HP)
  • SS distribution plate with perforations for air distribution
  • 1 X Aero foil design fan without motor
  • Over ground insulated plenum chamber with inspection doors
  • Painted with two coats primer and acrylic paint
  • Set of spares – comprising of extra spillage guards and idlers
  • Full width feed conveyor with supporting frame, imported PVC belt, cam operated spreader and drive arrangement comprising of gearbox and motor.
  • Centralised Operating Console with digital temperature indicators, sensors, SS braided cable, controls for dryer motors, combined AC variator for the five circuits of the dryer.
  • Steam heat exchanger suitable for the above Dryer as per our standard design and specification with connecting duct but without piping, steam fittings, accessories etc.
DRYER SIZE: 19 M long x 3M wide x 3.5 M Height

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.