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Everest Dryer

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Backed by advanced R&D, T&I Global Limited (TIGL) introduces the ultimate in vibratory fluid bed technology - the Everest drier. The heart ofthe Everest transport system is the revolutionary and logical drive mechanism, \ which ensures that the particles moves in a first-in first-out series. Everest is the latest TIGL drier, designed to produce Quality end products

  • Salient Features & Advantages
  • Technical Specifications

Unique Vibro-Drive Mechanism - Ensures accurate adjustment of product drying time

Vibratory Bed - Pneumatic system provides uniform spring action across the bed

Plenum Chamber - The plenum chamber is aerodynamically designed, insulated and fabricated with steel

Distributor Plates - Unique distribution plates ensure better fluidisation and less fall through

Hot Air Fan - Aerofoil design ensures higher energy efficiency

Dust Collection System - Includes Multi-clone re-firing arrangement designed for eliminating side spillages and for greater hygiene, cleanliness & energy efficiency

Centralised Operating Console

Efficient lnbuilt Ball Breaker & Full-width Feed Conveyor

Stainless Steel Contact Parts - Ensures better hygiene & durability

Discharge Cooler - For cooling dryer mouth product (optional)

Automatic Hood Pressure Control System - For uniform fluidization (optional)

Low fuel and power consumption and negligible maintenance costs

Wide Range - Everest is available in 3 models with different, capacities & sizes

Customised Models : Everest can be adapted to meet specific needs

Unit 184SFBD 244$FBD 305 SFBD
Drying Chamber m2 6.5 (5.4x1.2) 9 (7.5xL2) 13.5 (9x1.5)
Water Evaporation Capacity kg/hr 400 600 1050
Inlet Temperature Degree Centigrade lstZone 130°C 160°C
Power Requirement
Drying System HP* 20 HP 27 HP 34.5 HP
Dust Collection System HP 13HP 2OHP 25HP
Overall Dimension
Length m 10.3 12.5 14
Width m 3.4 3.4 3.8
Height m 5 5 5

* * Depends upon drier inlet temperature, altitude, drying temperature and manufacturing method ofthe factory

* 5 HP more needed when operating indirect heater to meet extra pressure drop in the hot air generator

Due to a continuous process of development the design is subject to change without notice.